Car Industry

When customers see the surface of the car, including varnish, plastic parts or metal parts clean and flawless, they recognize the excellent quality of the car. Our surface protection product series provides self adhesive tape solutions for the safe transportation of global cars.

In a globalized environment, protective film, bumper block and vehicle clothing can reduce the risk of automobile damage in the logistics process of the main engine factory. Premium surface protective tapes can reduce car rework and meet the high expectations of global car dealers. Our application solutions can resist all kinds of climate impacts and keep the new paint surface clean.

The car factory requires a safe and reliable assembly process. The inner surface protective tape can effectively prevent the scratching of sensitive surfaces during assembly. No matter what material and shape the surface of the parts needs to protect, our adhesive tape solutions can resist all kinds of mechanical damage.

Every minor adjustment in production will have a significant impact on the quality of the product. The auxiliary tools of our products include automatic winding tape application tools, cutter and scraper. We have advanced die cutting technology and can customize a series of surface protection materials. The global expert team of de Sha can provide customized die cutting solutions for your surface protection applications.