Industrial chemical label

The application of self-adhesive label in industrial chemistry is mainly discussed in two major industries, the tire industry and the lubricant industry.

The tire industry

The rapid development of the automobile industry in recent years has also led to the development of its related industries. The annual average growth rate of 15% has also led to the increase of tire production. From the proportion of 1:5 of cars and tires, the average new demand for tires is more than 20 million each year, and the annual output is also rising. With Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear, Giti and so on expanding their business, the application prospects of the tire market sticker label are promising.

At present, there are three main types of tire packaging in China: professional tire label, high grade adhesive tape and ordinary sticky label, low-grade woven bag packaging, no sticky label. The professional tire label is mainly attached to the bare tire surface, the surface material is mostly the paper material covering, the adhesive needs to have very high fluidity and stickiness, usually hot melt adhesive, which requires full contact with the surface of the tire to play the stickiness. In addition, a layer of aluminum coating is added between the surface material and the adhesive to better control the fluidity of the adhesive, so that it will not overflow to the surface of the surface of the surface of the text information. With the improvement of the overall grade of tire market, the use of professional tire labels will be more extensive.

The lube oil industry

At present, there are 4 main specifications of lubricating oil: 1L, 4L, 20L and 100L. Most of the packaging barrels are of paper type adhesive labels, and a few high-grade products are made of thin film labels. In addition, some of them are used in mold labels and thermal transfer printing technology.

From the trend of development, because of the large area of the oil bucket label, the surface of the oil barrel is also rough and the storage environment is relatively poor. The paper label is easy to produce various problems. Film materials are mostly used in foreign countries as the first choice. The film label can better serve the label problem of paper labels due to lack of flexibility. Due to cost considerations, paper labels will still be widely used. Because of the unique features of the domestic label, that is, the whole is strong, it will not rise, wrinkle and fall off, and can save the labelling procedure. It is very suitable for the lubricating oil industry. This kind of packing form, which does not need regular change of shape (the specification of oil barrel is basically fixed), is very interested in the large oil enterprises and will have a great development in the future. Space.