Glassine Release Paper

  • High transparency, good stiffness and dimensional stability

  • Meet automatic labeling operation

  • The smoothness is good, the silicone oil layer is covered evenly, and the force is stable.

  • High temperature resistant performance excellent

  • Suitable for liner of anti-fake labels and general labels

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Release Liner Types

Note of Choosing Release Liner

  1. APPLICATION: Different Application, different type and performance

  • For Normal label, for security label, for double sided tape

  • For Lamination of double side tape or low adhesion protection tape

  1. SUBSTRATE: Type, grammage, thickness, material, surface, intensity

  2. ADHESIVE: Type, Coating thickness, chemical component, curing

  3. FACE MATERIAL: type, grammage, thickness, stiffness, transparency, size stability.

  4. COATING TECHNOLOGY: mayer bar coating, gravure roll coating.