Transport logistics label

Application in transportation

Modern transportation has widely used barcode label technology to carry out transportation management. The name, specification and quantity of goods are recorded by bar code technology, which promotes the information and automation of transportation management. The International Transport Association stipulates that barcode must be attached to the packaging of goods in order to facilitate automatic identification and statistical management of the goods. In addition, automatic ticket system for airlines, railways, waterways and highways, automation fees for bridges, tunnels and toll stations, freight warehouses, airport terminals, logistics centers and logistics automation management of freight yards are all required to use barcode technology for automation management.

Application in storage

Bar code technology has been widely applied in warehousing products, especially barcode technology, especially for goods ready for storage. The goods automatically scan the input computer when they are in the warehouse, then the storage information is formed by the computer, and the information of the location, price and position of the goods are exported. The goods can be automatically searched for the goods when the goods are out of the warehouse, and the information and automation of the storage management are promoted.

Application in distribution

The logistics distribution center, whether it is for the manufacturer's spare parts, raw material distribution, the distribution of commodity in the supermarket chain, or the distribution of the consumer's retail goods, should carry out the activities of packing, sorting, picking and bundling according to the distribution instruction, and applying the bar code technology to automate the operation, which has greatly improved. Distribution operation efficiency and reduction of logistics operation activities error accidents, ensure timely and accurate delivery of goods to the destination and consumers.

Application in the POS system in the market

Modern retail stores widely use POS system to manage shopping malls, attach bar code labels to goods, read data through photoelectric scanning and enter into POS sales point information system. POS system can provide accurate sales and inventory data statistics, which is beneficial to replenish empty goods in time, master commodity sales, stock situation and implement. Economic accounting, for shopping malls, quickly feedback the information of goods entering, selling and storing, and provide basis for business decision. The POS system consists of several subsystems, in which the cash drawing machine is a personal computer and decoder, which can automatically identify the bar code, and can process the data, and can print the shopping list. The contents include the name of the goods, the unit of measurement, the price, the quantity, the amount, the date and so on. The customer can also use it as a shopping receipt. A claim for the occurrence of a commodity may be made on this basis. In order to determine the purchase plan and ensure the normal operation of the business, the store can make the goods sales statistics, and the bar code label technology is used, which is convenient and quick, and the information is accurate.